The BSL3/ABSL3 Core Facility will focus on research on various indigenous or exotic agents that may cause serious and lethal diseases. This state-of-the-art facility will serve clinical, diagnostic, production, research and training purposes in infectious disease research.

The BSL3 section of the facility is designed as a specialized area that is comprised of two procedure laboratories of 140 m2, a specialty equipment room, anterooms, storage/fumigation areas, and an entry vestibule. The main procedure rooms are equipped with Class II and III biosafety cabinets, a pass-through autoclave, refrigerators, -20°C and -80°C freezers, table-top centrifuges, aerosol-tight microfuges, CO2 incubators, and microscopes. The facility is controlled by a dedicated automation system independent from the Building Automation System (BAS) and regulates an independent HVAC system that produces HEPA filtered and unidirectional airflow with a differential pressure ranging from +10 Pa to -45 Pa. The ABSL3 section covers an area of 70 m2 and contains, in addition to the above-mentioned equipment, a ventilated cage system for live animal studies.