Stem cells have long been used in the treatment and cure of various diseases of the blood, including immunologic disorders. For the past 40 years, clinicians have used stem cell or bone marrow transplantation in patients with acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma and other bone marrow failure syndromes.

IBG is going to have 500-m2 cGMP facility for the development and manufacturing cell therapy products. Our cGMP facility comprises 3 high-quality clean rooms for the manufacturing and a quality control lab for stem cell characterizing and safety testing. In addition, we will have all the necessary equipments for cell therapy processing. In future, we are planning to lead the Turkey cellular therapy field and providing contract manufacturing.

Mostly, we will be working with autologous cell therapies, getting cells from the patients and will be culturing in cGMP clean room and characterizing according to the EMA regulation and then injecting to the same patients. In future, we are planning to have allogenic product for cell therapy purpose. We can get stem cells from different donors and can cure diseases of any patients. Our primary focus will be to cure patients with the cellular therapies using all the current processing technologies and the regulations.