Full-time Vivarium Technician position is available in Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center Rodent Facility.

Requirements :

  • Educational background in vocational school programs of veterinary technician, medical laboratory technician, health technician or any vocational graduation program related with health sciences,
  • Intermediate level English with reading and writing skills,
  • Actively using Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint,
  • Preferably having Certificate of Experimental Animal Use and having one year of experience in a laboratory, particularly a laboratory animal facility.


  • Tracking the temperature and humidity values ​​of the IBG-Vivarium Rodent Unit,
  • Making sure that sufficient water and feed are provided for animals housed in the Rodent unit, and keeping related records,
  • Meticulously keeping animal pedigree by recording birth and death information of animals,
  • Keeping the records of the services given by the IVRB to the users and preparing invoices related with such service,
  • Periodically keeping records of critical consumables and equipment such as feed, bedding, medical supplies, clean spare cages and reporting to the laboratory manager; performing purchasing when necessary,
  • Gathering biological data from animals (e.g. average offspring weight, birth rate of colonies, microbiological sample collection, average weight of breeds, etc.) that need to be tracked in IVRB,
  • Improving the animal experimental protocols in İVRB in favor of animal welfare and research quality,
  • Performing all kinds of procedures, excluding surgical intervention, (such as injection, blood collection, animal weighing, feed and water weighing, etc.) on animals under the supervision of a veterinarian, in compliance with Animal Experiments Local Ethical Committee and GLP (good laboratory practices) regulation,
  • Taking good laboratory practices (GLP) training, and taking part in GLP compliant studies as a GLP working staff,
  • To make genetic characterization of transgenic animals that require genotyping by PCR method,
  • Making and maintaining cell culture from tissues obtained from animals,
  • Performing procedures of reproductive studies such as embryo, oocyte and sperm freezing; animal rederivation etc.,
  • Ensuring that all activities are traced and regularly reported to the İVRB/ Preclinical manager,
  • Including weekends and holidays, routinely checking food, water and litter levels, animal birth, death and any unusual conditions in animal cages,
  • Working under aseptic conditions in any application requiring direct contact with the animal,
  • Preparing technical specifications; finding suppliers and controlling material quality during acceptance of goods. 



  • Fulfill responsibilities defined in the related documents and to assist preparing such documents.
  • Adhere to the principle of confidentiality by protecting confidential information and proprietary rights of the customers / service providers. In this context, personnel are responsible for the security of all data within their authority and responsibility.
  • Perform any duties honestly and hould not engage in any activity that would hardm confidence in competence and decision-making.
  • Be responsible for other duties assigned by the İBG and İVRB administration.