Sağ Lab. on Cancer Immunology


Metabolic and immune responses are the most basic and important survival requirements in multicellular organisms. Recent studies by us and others have uncovered the strong mutual influence of metabolism and macrophage inflammatory responses. Identifying the underlying mechanisms is a fascinating and vibrant novel research area and its findings will be critical for the design of therapeutic treatments for both metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Selected Publications

Duygu Sag, Müge Özkan, Mitchell Kronenberg & Gerhard Wingender. Improved Detection of Cytokines Produced by Invariant NKT Cells. Sci Rep. 2017 Nov ; 7 (1): 16607. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-16832-1.


  • Duygu SAĞ - Işıl Berat Barlan Women Scientist Award by Turkish Society of Immunology, 2017
  • Duygu SAĞ - L’Oréal & Unesco Turkey National Women in Science Award by Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, 2017
  • Duygu SAĞ - International Rising Talents Candidate of Turkey by L'Oréal UNESCO, 2017
  • Duygu SAĞ - International Rising Talent by L'Oréal UNESCO, 2018
  • Duygu SAĞ - Young Scientist (BAGEP) Award by Science Academy, 2018
  • Duygu SAĞ - Young Investigator (GEBİP) Awards by Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA), 2018


Sağ Lab. on Cancer Immunology

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Duygu SAG
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